Polished Concrete

This CycleBar located in Downtown Denver needed a floor with a unique design that would stand out for their customers. Taking great care to prep all surfaces we were able to deliver the client's requested stain accent bands to perfection. The floor then received a thorough 400 Grit Polish to create a beautiful smooth concrete surface.

Following the Polish we then burnished the floor to give a glossy mirror like shine. Needless to say, the clients were more than happy with the resulting product and have a floor that will enhance their customers' experience for years to come.  

This facility located in Broomfield, Colorado, needed a durable long lasting floor that is not only easy to maintain but will last for years and provide an appealing look for any company looking to lease the space. 

We started with a heavy 16 grit grind to expose the aggregate within the concrete. We then continued progressing through increasing grits up to the final 200 grit polish. As with all of our polishes, we densified with a lithium silicate and applied multiple coats of sealer to stengthen and increase the longevity of the floor.

This customer located in Littleton, Colorado, needed a flooring solution that would hold up to potential flooding and constant use. 

We started with an aggressive 16 grit grind to expose the aggregate and remove any existing contaminates, such as glue and thinsets. We then continued progressing through increasing grits up to a final grit of 200. As with all of our polishes, we densified with a lithium silicate and applied multiple coats of sealer to stengthen and increase the longevity of the floor. We then burnished the floor to help give the floor a little extra shine. As you can see our process made a considerable difference and the customer was thrilled with the final result!

This penthouse suite located in Denver, Colorado had their floor ruined by another contractor. We stepped in to ameliorate the situation, first, by removing the existing work. We then began our process from a 30 grit to a 400 grit polish, applying the necessary densifier along the way. Lastly, we covered the floor meticulously with the highest quality sealer and burnished the floor to finish. 

This brand new basement slab, for a custom build in Poncha Springs, Colorado, was hand troweled by a crew of skilled masons. We were then called in to protect all finished surfaces, clean the floor and apply a Walnut stain. We then applied multiple coats of Endurable modified polyurethane sealer. 

This apartment unit in Denver, Colorado, had old laminate and vinyl flooring that was removed. We stepped in, ground the floor with 16 grits to remove the remaining glue and began our polishing process to a 200 grit. This not only improved the natural lighting of the space but gave the client a modern neutral look that paired well with her overall vision she had for her home. 

This basement located on Wilis Case Golf Course, underwent a full basement remodel when the new homeowners moved in. This included us protecting all exposed surfaces, cleaning and applying a Black stain to their existing concrete surface. We then filled all tooled joints with a Black urethane caulk. We then applied sealer to the floor increasing its durability. 

This Jimmy Johns located in Thornton, Colorado, was ground to expose the aggregate in the concrete and then polished to an 800 grit. 

This Basement in Denver, Colorado, underwent our grind stain and seal process. This included a series of grindings from 16 grit to a 60 grit. We then applied a Grey stain and a Black stain to give it a Mottled effect. The appearance you see of the floor now is simply how the concrete naturally absorbed the stain that we applied. We then applied Endurable sealer as always to increase the longevity of the surface. 

This privately owned Condo in Denver, Colorado had old carpet. We removed the baseboards and carpet and executed our polishing process with a Walnut stain. 




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