Concrete Microtoppings

The Lake Steam Bathhouse has been a mainstay for Denver locals looking to relax and rejuvenate their bodies in a healthy fashion. For years the interior of the bathhouse had remained unchanged until recently when the owners decided to enhance the look for their customers. Lake Steam turned to us wanting a rustic natural wall look for which our concrete microtopping provided the perfect solution. Scroll through and see how we were able to customize the bathhouse's interior surfaces with various colors and textures to heighten the appeal. 

This owners of this home in Lakewood, CO were constructing a new fireplace within their living room. To continue their modern theme they decided to use our concrete micro-topping services to provide their desired look that will last a lifetime. Prepping all the appropriate surfaces we hand troweled a cementitious micro-topping that enhanced their variable lighting fireplace. It truly enhanced the look of this client's living room and became one of the primary focal points. 

This owners of this home in Denver, CO were constructing a new fireplace within their living room. They desired a modern looking fireplace and decided to use our concrete micro-topping services for a product that accentuated their living space with and that would stand the test of time. Prepping all the appropriate surfaces we hand troweled a cementitious micro-topping that enhanced the presentation of their fireplace. 

This home in Golden, Colorado wanted to redo their existing garage surface. The existing slab had become extremely worn and was spalling. Our microptopping services negated the necessity of a new slab and lamination. Taking great care to hand trowel the topping we were able to give him just the right amount of texture and visual appeal. We then finished by applying sealer to the floor for an increased level of durability. Our customer was delighted by the resulting surface!

This home in Boulder, CO was undergoing renovations and the owners were having difficulty deciding on what to do with their floors. Initially wanting a polished floor they were saddened to discover that the tile they had previously had left hydration lines. After extensive consultation the homeowners finally decided on putting a concrete microptopping on their floor, adding to the floors durability and giving them a natural finished look. 

Customizable Slabs

The owners of this house in Broomfield, CO were in the process of renovating their kitchen and wanted a durable counter top that not only matched their chosen color scheme but also gave it a natural look. We meticulously measured their existing counters and made formed them accordingly in our shop. After carefully transporting the pieces we assembled them insuring structural integrity. Look at what a difference their new counter made!

This Custom Fireplace was put together using individually hand-crafted pieces. Maticulous dimensional planning was used to assure seamless transitions and a perfectly continuous accent band.  Look at how much it enhanced the look of their back yard. 

This custom poured concrete hearth was hand crafted in our shop using the highest quality concrete and aggregate products. We used Butterfield's Adobe pigment to achieve the desired color the customer was looking for. It's final home was on the beautiful Lake Arbor Golf Course.